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Bookkeeping Services - Fincadia in Melville, NY, is the premier choice among accounting firms. We take pride in offering certified management accounting solutions customized to the specific needs of small businesses in Brewster and its surrounding regions.

With 25 years of experience, our tax services and bookkeeping have a long-standing tradition of excellence. Our certified team is well-versed in the latest tax laws for individuals and businesses, and we focus on providing personalized solutions to help you get the most out of your finances.

We know that good financial management goes beyond just doing taxes. Our services cover a range of areas, including retirement planning, budgeting, and helping you understand your tax situation. Our bookkeeping company’s goal is to assist you in creating a financial plan that suits your needs. Whether you're an individual seeking assistance with "income tax near me" or "taxes near me" or a business in need of professional bookkeeping services, We have the solution you're looking for.

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Explore the array of specialized bookkeeping services provided by Bookkeeping Services - Fincadia, conveniently located in the heart of Melville, NY. Whether you're searching for an "income tax preparer near me" or a "tax consultant near me," our services are tailored to meet the varied requirements of your business, ensuring financial precision and compliance.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Whether you're launching a new business, expanding, or running an established company, our specialized bookkeeping and accounting services are designed to meet your unique needs. Our expert team ensures compliance with financial regulations, relieves financial stress, and meets government deadlines. We handle payroll management, banking, and financial statements, allowing you to focus on business growth. For those seeking 'tax filing near me' in Melville, NY, trust in our personalized service for reliable, success-oriented financial guidance.


Our expert bookkeeping services provide transparent insights into your business's financial health. We handle key aspects, including Accounts Receivables, Payables, Profit and Loss Statements, 1099 support, bank reconciliation, and data entry. Empower your business with precise financial data, allowing you to focus on growth and prosperity. Partner with Bookkeeping Services - Fincadia for reliable business tax accounts and expert online bookkeeping services. We ensure precise preparation for income tax return filing, contributing to your financial success.

Cash Flow Management

Bookkeeping Services - Fincadia’s Cash Flow Management service ensures financial stability. We provide insights into cash requirements and sources, offering short-term and long-term projections. We analyze historical data, optimize cash flow through credit solutions, and simplify tax complexities.

Financial Reports

Elevate your business success with Fincadia's precise and tailored financial report services. Our approach empowers informed decision-making by providing frequent meetings and detailed insights into financial trends. With our services, you'll receive expertly crafted financial statements of your company, offering a clear picture of your financial health. Our experienced tax accountant is ready to provide strategic financial guidance, ensuring the financial statements of a company are accurate and insightful.

Non-Profit Organizations

To maintain tax-exempt status, non-profit organizations must adhere to IRS reporting requirements, submitting Form 990 and related documents like Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Functional Expense Statements, Individual Program Expense Statements, and Revenue Support Schedules. Our services cater to these needs, offering financial statement preparation, customized accounting systems, payroll management, tax form submissions, incorporation documentation, and support for pastoral housing allowances in churches, ensuring comprehensive compliance and assistance for tax-exempt entities. 


Bookkeeping Services - Fincadia offers streamlined payroll services in Melville, NY. Just provide essential employee data, like hours worked and addresses, and we take care of the rest. Rest assured, your data is handled securely, in compliance with income tax department and federal regulations, safeguarding its confidentiality and transmission to tax authorities.

Tax Preparation and Planning

Our professional tax preparation services cover individual, business, estate, and partnership returns, ensuring compliance and minimizing tax liabilities. Whether you're a startup or an established business, we offer comprehensive tax services to maximize after-tax income through legal strategies. We provide guidance on income deferral, local tax reduction, and overlooked deductions. From investment savings to retirement planning and estate matters, our expert tax preparers at Bookkeeping Services - Fincadia is dedicated to fortifying your financial future through meticulous income tax filing and planning.

Wealth Management

We understand that each person's financial needs are unique. As professional financial advisors, we're not bound to any specific investment company, granting us access to many tools. Through extensive institutional networks, we can tap into thousands of mutual funds, hundreds of money managers, and diverse alternative investments. We're equipped with diverse strategies to address any financial situation, ensuring your plan is a dynamic and customized work in progress. This approach is especially beneficial if you're looking for a 'tax professional near me' or “bookkeeping near me” to handle specific tax-related aspects of your financial planning.

Business Services


Compilations cater to three key groups in any business: stockholders, creditors, and private investors. Understanding the unique risk tolerance of each group, we offer tailored compilations to meet their specific needs.

Cash Flow Management

Effective cash flow management is crucial to avoid financial crises. Our services include providing detailed cash flow projections and ensuring you have a clear understanding of your financial position at all times.

Bank Financing

A well-prepared loan application signifies stability and increases success chances. We assist in crafting winning loan applications that convey a strong message to lenders.

Business Valuation

Objective and experienced assessment is vital in business valuation. Our professional evaluations provide clarity and informed insights, aiding in making well-informed decisions.

Strategic Business Planning

Converting internal goals into actionable strategic plans requires expertise. We offer guidance to translate your business objectives into executable strategies effectively.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is a critical yet challenging aspect of family business management. We provide essential support to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing success.

New Business Formation

Starting a new business is exciting but demanding. We provide comprehensive management tools to address the everyday operational needs of your new venture. Additionally, we provide specialized bookkeeping services for small businesses, ensuring that your financial records are meticulously maintained from the start.

Non-Profit Organizations

For non-profit organizations, maintaining tax-exempt status is crucial. To preserve this status, we specialize in ensuring compliance with IRS regulations. For non-profits seeking 'tax filing services near me,' our team ensures thorough compliance and support, focusing on the unique needs of tax-exempt entities.

Internal Controls

Regular reassessment of internal controls is key to maintaining efficiency. We offer objective reviews and recommendations to optimize your internal controls.

Small Business Accounting

Our small business accounting services are designed to let you concentrate on your passion, freeing you from the complexities of bookkeeping and accounting. Alongside providing accurate and crucial accounting assistance, we offer specialized payroll services for small businesses. These services are essential for your business's smooth operation and success, ensuring that financial management doesn't distract from your core business activities.

Searching for effective tax management in Melville, NY? Join forces with Bookkeeping Services - Fincadia for expert guidance and tailored solutions to meet your tax needs.

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Why Choose Bookkeeping Services - Fincadia? | Best Tax Services Near Me

Choose Fincadia for unparalleled bookkeeping and tax services near you custom-fit to all business needs. Our dedicated team ensures smooth financial management, freeing you to excel in your core business activities.

Specialized Expertise in Diverse Industries

We offer industry-specific bookkeeping tailored to every field, from food service to real estate sectors; we've got you covered. Ideal for those seeking a “tax return preparer near me” who understands their industry's specific needs.

Personalized, Versatile Bookkeeping Approaches

We cater to each business owner's unique demands, especially those searching for a “small business tax accountant near me.” Our services range from full bookkeeping to specialized assistance tailored to your financial requirements.

Cost-Efficient, High-Quality Services

Providing premium bookkeeping at an affordable price, we're the go-to choice for small businesses in Melville, NY, seeking a “tax return accountant near me” that offers value without sacrificing quality.

Enhanced Business Growth and Stability

Essential for businesses looking for “tax companies near me” or “tax return services near me,” our expert tax and bookkeeping services aid internal management and facilitate interactions with creditors and banks, fostering business growth and stability.

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Unlock Financial Success with Bookkeeping Services - Fincadia in Melville, NY

Elevate your business to the next level with Bookkeeping Services - Fincadia, your reliable partner in achieving financial excellence with professional bookkeeping and small business accounting. Our seasoned team of financial experts delivers a blend of expertise, customized solutions, and steadfast ethical practices in managing your finances. We recognize the distinct needs of small businesses and provide a range of affordable services, from basic bookkeeping to sophisticated financial strategies.

Your business deserves the best. Reach out to us now and embark on a path to financial success!

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